Hello there!

I'm Laura, a photographer based in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. Taking photos that capture authentic people, expressions, and atmospheres brings me joy. Are you someone looking for head shots, senior or grad photos, or engagement and wedding photography? I'm your girl!

Send me a message at lauradmeyerphoto@gmail.com.

I've been taking photos since I was 12 when my mom gave me an old digital camera - its memory card was measured in megabytes and it could only hold a few images per card! I loved peeking at my photos in the tiny, low-resolution camera after I took them. It's more than ten years later, and my gear has improved a lot, but my wonder for the beauty and possibilities of photography has never changed. From family vacations to national parks across the American West to photos of my friends and family, I've used photography to capture my own memories and create beautiful images for clients.

I'm Michigan born and raised and a recent University of Michigan graduate living and working in DC. I love taking photos, traveling around my new region of the country, and going to museums. I've been to every museum in DC!